Speech Language Therapy

Speech-language pathology, also known as speech therapy, focuses on the prevention, identification, evaluation, and treatment of speech, language, voice, feeding and swallowing disorders in children and adolescents.

What does speech therapy treat?

Speech language therapy can help your child with their ability to understand and communicate spoken and written language. Our practitioners can help with articulation and motor speech disorders to improve your child’s speech. Our treatment programs address a range of concerns from language, speech, social communication, cognitive communication, augmentative communication, fluency and voice.

Our Approach

We are focused on providing care plans that work for you and your children. Book an initial assessment with a team member to build a plan that helps meet your health and wellness goals for you and your children. We focus on using techniques and assessments that are evidence-based ways to help your child improve their communication skills in a fun, inviting and natural environment. At the MomMe Clinic we use play-based diagnostics which allows for a more relaxed environment and meaningful play. Our clinicians will collaborate with other disciplines to be sure you receive the most comprehensive care.

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Speech Therapy Services

Here at the MomMe Clinic we will form a specialized care plan based on our assessment of speech, understanding, current disorders or disabilities and communication level. We offer individual therapy for children, group therapy & adult speech language therapy.

Why choose us?

Have you noticed that your child has a communication issues? Let us help you. Whether you are a child or an adult, we have speech language therapy treatment options available for you. At The MomMe Clinic, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment.

Please book an appointment with us today to find out what we can do for you. Our Clinic provides a direct billing facility along with exceptional services because we care about your comfort.

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