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The MomMe Clinic is happy to provide autism therapy to its valued clients in Hamilton, Ontario. By offering autism resources, knowledge, understanding, and insight into autism, we can become your partner in assisting your child’s autism journey.

Special Needs

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

A lifelong neurodevelopmental condition, autism affects the way the brain functions. Autism cannot be cured, but with support, therapies, and interventions, traits, abilities, and experiences can improve over time.

An individual cannot recover from autism spectrum disorder. Autism therapies can assist kids in learning new abilities and overcoming a wide range of developmental challenges.

The MomMe Clinic provides ASD education for parents to help them make informed decisions for their children with ASD. We explain the treatment options and supportive measures and answer all your queries.

Types of Special Needs Services

There are many autism services available to help you and your child. However, what works for one person may not work for another. Here is a list of the most popular and proven autism therapies we offer:

Play Therapy: Children with autism often play differently from other children. We offer play therapy to engage them. During playtime, children with ASD can connect with other children and adults in ways they understand. It is through play, toys and actions that children with ASD express themselves.

Speech Therapy: People with ASD find verbal and nonverbal communication challenging. Social interactions are often difficult for them. As a result, speech therapy is an integral part of autism treatment. In addition to helping children speak, it also enables them to communicate and interact with others.

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy helps with daily activities and everyday objects, like learning to button a shirt or hold a fork correctly. The therapist provides training and enhances the abilities of people with autism so they can be as independent as possible. Occupational therapy is performed to improve the quality of life at home and at school for people with autism.

Autism therapy is more effective when performed in multiple environments. In other words, we encourage you to repeat at home what therapists are doing at the clinic. As a result, the autistic person will be able to cope with the challenges of different environments. Which they would typically find too difficult to handle due to their medical condition.

Special Needs (1)
Special Needs (1)

How Can We Help You?

Visit The MomMe Clinic website if you are searching for the best autism services near me in Hamilton, Ontario. Families and children with autism spectrum disorders can benefit from our holistic and expert autism care and therapy services.

Our autism care providers understand that it can be overwhelming for you to see your autistic loved ones face challenges. We try our best to deliver complete medical care regardless of how complicated the situation gets. We provide easy access to streamlined, coordinated, and comprehensive wholeness care excellence to eliminate overwhelm and worry.

In addition to providing professional medical services, we also offer emotional and social support at any time. Direct billing to your insurance company is among the many benefits you can enjoy at The MomMe Clinic.

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