Massage Therapy

Our Clinic provides the highest quality of registered therapeutic massage and personalized client care in Hamilton, Ontario.

Massage helps you de-stress, increase relaxation, or relieve chronic pain. Massage therapy is a regulated health profession in Canada. Registered therapists use the best methods and techniques and keep their knowledge fresh and updated. We recommend choosing a registered massage therapist.  Registered massage therapist constantly improve their practice to meet quality assurance requirements. Using a registered massage therapist ensures that people get the best care possible. because they follow high standards, ensuring their patients get the best massage.

registered therapeutic massage

Is Massage Therapy Beneficial For You?

Massage is a holistic approach in integrative medicine to treat and heal the whole person. Massage, along with standard treatment, is recommended to cure several medical conditions and situations. Frequent massages heal your mind, body and soul using evidence-based practices and enhance your overall health and wellness.

A massage will offer you the following benefits:

  • Increased relaxation and reduced stress
  • Pain, tension, and muscle soreness are reduced
  • Improved circulation, alertness and energy
  • Increased blood flow and lowered blood pressure
  • Improved immune system

Furthermore, consider massage therapy for your little ones; it promotes their health and well-being in them. There are so many benefits that your infant or child can gain from massage. Sleeping problems can be eased, digestive issues can be resolved, and their nervous system can be calmed. Additionally, gas or digestive problems can also be treated with massage.

Our Massage Therapists

We offer massages to help you feel your best at every stage and age. We offer massages during pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal phases. Some of our therapists are trained doulas and former midwives. In addition to their experience with pregnant patients, they have decades of combined experience in the field. To ensure your comfort, we use pillows that are specially designed for pregnant women, and we use safe, hypoallergenic oils.

The MomMe Clinic offers massage therapy for all age groups to promote holistic health in children and adults. Your little ones also need massages just like you. Our Infant and Child Massage Therapists help your little ones feel their best by giving them regular massages. Our registered massage therapists give massages that provide you with: relief from stress, relief from muscle pain, relaxation, help you heal from injuries, restore balance and harmonize your energy.

registered therapeutic massage

Why is Our Process Different from Others?

We have massage therapists that are not only skilled but also licensed, certified or registered. If you are in need of registered massage therapy in Hamilton, visit our Clinic. The MomMe Clinic offers rejuvenating signature registered therapeutic treatments that eliminate stress and redefine your health. Our experienced and well-trained therapists guide you about the number of massage therapy sessions you require according to your needs. We also offer a hassle-free direct billing facility for all eligible healthcare services covered by your health insurance provider.

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