Preconception Care

Our goal at The MomMe Clinic is to make your journey to motherhood as easy and beautiful as possible. Seek our preconception care in Hamilton, Ontario, to reduce the chances of disease and death in the mother and the unborn child. Preconception care is defined as the identification and management of biomedical, behavioural, and social risks that affect the health or outcome of a pregnancy. Specific measures should be taken before conception or early in pregnancy to maximize health outcomes. Preconception healthcare involves examining your body’s fitness for pregnancy before you become pregnant. Identifying potential risks and health issues associated with reproductive well-being is important when preparing for motherhood. Women should pay attention to their preconception health regardless of whether they plan to become pregnant. Preconception means choosing healthy habits and taking control of your reproductive health. Our preconception care at MomMe helps you plan your future as a mother and achieve your goal.

BeneFits of Preconception Care

Health should be a priority for every woman. Cautiousness about health is vital because half of all pregnancies are unplanned and such pregnancies are at higher risk of low-weight babies and preterm birth. The importance of preconception care should not be overlooked since experts agree that women must be healthy before becoming pregnant. You can minimize health problems affecting you or your baby later by taking action on health issues and risks before pregnancy.

The benefits of preconception care include the following

  • Decreased maternal and child mortality
  • Lower stillbirth rates, preterm labour, and preterm babies
  • Decrease in neonatal infections
  • Protection against STDs and HIV
  • Prevents low birth weight
  • Helps control and manage pregnancy complications
  • Reduces chances of complications during delivery

Preconception care enhances the health of women and couples before conception. It helps minimize behaviours, individual characteristics, and environmental risk factors that could lead to poor health outcomes for mother and child. Additionally, preconception care reduces the risks of childhood cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. If you are planning to start or grow your family, schedule an appointment for preconception care with MomMe, the best maternity care clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.

When to Start Preconception Healthcare

Sexually active individuals should talk to their doctors about preconception health. You should begin preconception care at least three months before you become pregnant. Some women, however, might need more time to prepare for pregnancy. Consult a professional preconception care provider, and discuss your partner’s health. You can benefit from a preconception checkup even a year before you intend to become a parent. Even if you already have a baby, it is advisable to get a preconception checkup before the next pregnancy. Pregnant women who had problems in their previous pregnancies may be able to avoid them in their next pregnancy if they tell their provider. Depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and not being at a healthy weight can affect pregnancy and fertility. The MomMe Clinic offers you and your loved ones comprehensive preconception care in Hamilton. Whether you are having trouble getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or want to prepare your body for pregnancy, we can help. MomMe provides you with the best care because you deserve it.

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