What is Postpartum Care?

Your body is still recovering from the toll the nine-month-long pregnancy journey took, and you must take care of a newborn. To better care for your body and your baby, understand the meaning of postpartum.

The initial six weeks following childbirth are referred to as the postpartum phase. You will get to know your baby better during these weeks while your body is still recovering. This phase can have patches of extreme joy and sadness or can be overwhelming; therefore, mothers need to adjust to a new routine and heal during this time. Readjusting to daily life can be difficult for many new moms. In addition to taking care of your baby, remember to take care of yourself.

It is incredible how your body can recover and restore itself. All it needs is the right kind of care. Healthcare professionals offer postpartum care services to help new moms adapt to the new role quickly and comfortably. The MomMe Clinic provides postpartum care for new mothers to help reduce pain, restore physical strength and image, and attain complete wellness.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum depression is one of the most prevalent effects of postpartum. If you have decided to take help, we highly appreciate your courage. Healthcare professionals at MomMe can help you decide which and how many services you need based on your condition. Challenges of pregnancy do not end at childbirth; the next stage is far more crucial.

Use our Postpartum care services to have a speedy recovery.

Doula Services:

Support and guidance provided to women and families throughout the pregnancy, labour and postpartum experience are called doula services. Prenatal, labour, delivery, and postpartum support includes both emotional and physical support.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Support:

The breastfeeding experience can vary for every woman. Our lactation and breastfeeding support services make this process easy for new moms. We will work with you to develop solid strategies to overcome milk supply issues, tongue ties, and latch problems.

Mental Wholeness Support:

Our team of experienced mental health professionals is available to help you and your family through any challenges.

Nutrition Support:

Eating healthy during postpartum is crucial. However, developing a healthy routine might be challenging when you are exhausted from all the work. Professionals from The MomMe Clinic can help you achieve health goals and feel your best.

From The MomMe Clinic, you can get the highest quality postpartum care services in Hamilton, ON. Contact us today to plan the services and hours required to recover from postpartum.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Postpartum depression should not be confused with baby blues. Take a professional’s opinion to diagnose if you are having baby blues or postpartum depression. The MomMe clinic offers highly effective solutions to cure your postpartum depression in Hamilton and its surrounding areas.

Here are the most common symptoms of postpartum depression – if you notice them seek a Doctor’s help immediately. These symptoms include worthlessness, guilt and loss of interest in daily activities. Immediate initiation of therapy is crucial because otherwise, the new mother suffering from postpartum depression begins to lose interest in themselves and the baby.

Treatment for postpartum depression is medically necessary. Talk to your doctor if you have depression that lasts more than two weeks after giving birth or if you think about harming your baby. You can count on The MomMe Clinic family to care for your family. We are a like-minded group of healthcare professionals with the common goal of providing exceptional postpartum care to our clients in Hamilton, Ontario.

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