The first step to preparing your baby’s health care is choosing a doctor. Pediatricians treat children from birth until age 18. You should consult our knowledgeable pediatricians for your child’s better physical, behavioural, and mental health.

What Does Your Pediatrician Do?

Your pediatrician will see your baby many times from birth to age 2 and annually between the ages of 2 and 5 for “well-child visits.” After age 5, your pediatrician will probably see your child each year. Pediatricians are also your first contact when your child becomes ill.

You will learn more about your child’s development by consulting with a specialist. Pediatricians at The MomMe Clinic conduct physical exams, immunize according to the recommendations, and check your child’s growth, behaviour, and skill milestones. They provide health, safety, nutrition, and fitness information.

What Is a Pediatrician?

Infants up to the age of 18 are evaluated and treated by pediatricians. A pediatrician is a child specialist who cares for children’s mental and physical well-being. Pediatric physicians can help you with anything that bothers you about your child, such as a change in feeding habits, constant crying, breathing difficulties, etc. Additionally, they can perform minor surgeries or refer your child to a pediatric surgeon if a complicated surgery is required.

How Does Your Pediatrician Work With Your Delivery Team?

Your baby’s first examination may be with a hospital pediatrician or your favourite pediatrician. Most hospitals ask when you go in to give birth if you have a pediatrician. It depends on the hospital policy, whether your pediatrician makes rounds at your delivery hospital, and whether your baby was born early.

You will probably send your premature baby straight to the neonatal intensive care unit or NICU. NICU doctors and nurses will monitor your baby’s progress until they can be sent home.

A pediatrician will receive your baby’s hospital records. Your pediatrician will see your baby 48 to 72 hours after discharge, then regularly after that for “well-child visits.”

A pediatrician can help you understand complex information and make decisions if your child ever needs more specialized care.

Why Do You Need a Pediatrician?

Choosing between a pediatric physician and a family doctor can be a personal decision. Here are some reasons to consider a pediatrician:

Pediatricians take specialized training programs in child behaviour, behaviour management, and emotional needs. As pediatricians only see children, they often have a broader understanding of childhood illnesses. Pediatricians can provide more specialized care for babies born early or with health conditions.

How Do You Choose a Pediatrician?

In the third trimester, start looking for a pediatrician. Find someone you and your partner can trust. Ask your OB for recommendations. You can also schedule an in-person interview to see how well you connect with the doctor’s office.

While choosing your pediatrician, consider the following:

  • the reputation of the doctor
  • training and experience
  • listening and understanding skills
  • the convenience of commuting to the office
  • how emergencies or after-hours calls are handled

Find a new doctor before your child needs a checkup or becomes sick if you move or change insurance.

Finding the best pediatric Clinic near you can be challenging when so many different clinics are available in and around. However, you should ask for recommendations. Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for suggestions, and then research those pediatricians. In Hamilton, choose The MomMe Clinic for your child’s wellness and good care. Our Clinic has professional and highly qualified pediatric physicians and pediatricians in Hamilton.

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