Neurological care is designed to improve the living situation of people with a brain or nervous system disorder that affects their everyday life. Specialist care is provided to ensure their complete support, well-being, and health.

What is Neurology?

Our Neurology Service offers an outpatient assessment program for individuals who have sustained head, brain, neck, or other neurological injuries. The field of medicine that focuses on nervous system disorders is known as neurology. It involves studying and understanding different neurological disorders – so diagnosis and treatment plans can be created accordingly. Neurological disorders that occur in infants, young children, and adults are different from each other.

Furthermore, you need the healthcare services of a pediatric neurologist if the patient is younger than 18 years. There is a difference between the specialization of a pediatric neurologist and an adult neurologist. They are trained to identify and treat neurological disorders.

At The MomMe Clinic, you will receive the best quality neurological care for adults and children. Our neurologists are highly qualified, well-trained and accompanied by caring staff. They diagnose disorders through neurological examinations and provide effective treatment options. You are welcome to discuss any changes you observe in your health and existing or previous symptoms of a neurological disorder.

Diagnosis & Treatment

We offer diagnostic and treatment services for people experiencing the following:

  • A severe neurological condition that adversely affects work and personal life
  • Symptoms associated with mild and moderate traumatic brain injury
  •  Require special assessments to guide clinical and vocational management
  • Post-traumatic emotional problems that could benefit from behavioural treatment recommendations
  • Signs of an undiagnosed brain injury that might be at the root of the problem

Professional neurologists at our Clinic are always ready to help individuals with neurological damage and psychiatric or social issues recover. Our expert neurologists help individuals with troubled thinking, reasoning and motor functioning. After a thorough neurological examination, they chart out a treatment plan well-suited for the individual’s needs.

Treatment of acute neurological diseases and trauma is one of our specialties. Neurology best practices are used by our team to support patients recovering from neurological challenges.

What Conditions Does a Neurologist Treat?

In both common and complex neurological conditions, a neurologist can help identify the cause of symptoms and design a treatment plan. In addition to treating diseases of the brain and spinal cord, neurologists also treat disorders of the muscles and peripheral nerves.

You should visit a neurologist when faced with one of the following conditions:

When you are having chronic pain that your primary care physician cannot manage. The symptoms may be caused by another underlying cause, so you should consult a neurologist.

When numbness or tingling occurs on one side of the body or suddenly, it could signify a stroke.

You should consult a neurologist if you suffer migraine headaches. Mainly if the symptoms are associated with neurological deficits or failed treatments.

Walking difficulties, shuffling your feet, tremors, and unintentional jerks can all be signs of neurological issues.

Why Choose Us for Neurology Treatment?

Our Clinic is the answer to your search for ‘neurology in Hamilton’ or ‘the best neurology near me in Hamilton.’ We have expert neurologists who work tirelessly to provide you and your loved ones with the best neurological care. We invite patients to take advantage of the knowledge of our expert neurologists, who apply the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for neurological diseases. You can also benefit from our direct billing service to your insurance company for eligible services. You pay us, and they pay you!

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