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A Doula provides guidance and support to families during pregnancy, labour, birth, and postpartum care for the newborn and birthing mother. It is becoming increasingly common to have a Doula in the delivery room. If you are considering hiring a Doula, consider these things and some tips for hiring a Doula.

As Doulas receive training about mental health and emotions, they can assist birthing mothers in finding additional resources for mental health needs during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. A Doula is a professional who provides support and information to families during pregnancy, postpartum, and after a loss.

It is the birthing Doula’s responsibility to help and support the birthing individual and their helpers or partners without taking over the role of the other members of the birthing team. Postpartum Doulas provide families with information and support regarding infant feeding, physical and emotional recovery after childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents. They may also help with light housework, fixing a meal, and help to integrate an older child into this unique experience.


What are the beneFits of having a Doula?

There are many benefits of having a Doula. Having a Doula means that women are more likely to have a vaginal birth and less likely to have medications for pain relief. Many women have reported that having Doula Services helped them have a more positive childbirth experience.

During labour, Doulas use the power of physical contact, such as massage and touch, to reduce anxiety and stress. Massage helps produce natural oxytocin. Natural oxytocin is secreted by the pituitary gland, which causes uterine contractions (and drowsiness, as well as an increased pain threshold).

Throughout labour, delivery and beyond, a Doula offers many services. In some cases, doctors and midwives may change shifts, while in others, they may only be present during the final stages of birth. On the other hand, Doulas usually meet with you before birth and stay with you during labour and delivery. They often check on your progress postpartum if you’re breastfeeding and ensure the baby is latching properly.

Doulas can reduce labour time, reduce anxiety among moms and coaches, reduce medical interventions (including C-sections) and improve bonding between mother and baby after birth. Since many Doulas are also lactation consultants, their assistance has been shown to increase breastfeeding success.

It’s essential to hire a Doula if you’re going through childbirth all by yourself, either by choice or because your partner can’t be there (because of military deployment).

How Can Our Team Help You?

For families to make informed decisions about their birth, Doulas help them connect with evidence-based resources. Our Doulas help act as a bridge between our clients and their providers, advocating on their behalf and empowering them to find their voices. When hiring a Doula, we recommend starting your search as early as possible to hire a Doula by week 20.

We are here to provide you with the services you desire if you are looking for doula services near me or postpartum doula services near me. Hire us to make this a pleasant and stress-free experience for you.


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